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a Feast with the Kok's

• 28 March 2007

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to find friends we'll have for the rest of our lives--despite where we live, what we do, or how often we see each other. Our dear friends Mark and Paula Kokanovich are those kinds of friends. This past weekend we were able to hang out with them on two different days--not bad for a 3 day trip!

We share much in common with the "Kok's", including our love for excellent food. That being said, most of our "hanging out" is done while eating! On Saturday night we searched the local neighborhoods for the best Thai (mildly successful--should've headed to Thep Phenom in the Haight) and then finished off Sunday with an amazing feast from Tartine Bakery in the Mission. Mark and Paula were kind enough to schlep around the city on Saturday gathering cheeses, breads, desserts, etc. at multiple places--with two kids in tow! Amazing! We rolled out of their apartment in North Beach on Sunday afternoon after saying goodbye and spent the next few hours trying to walk off the chocolate tart, ham and cheese croissants, quiche, chocolate pudding and berry bread pudding. Thank you so much Mark and Paula for going all out--we can't wait to get you back this summer!


  1. Two of our favorite families in one place and eating yummy food... I wish that we could have come too! And it's great to see a picture of the Koks!

  2. It was all our pleasure. The food was amazing, but the company was even better. Thanks for taking time to see us during your getaway.

  3. Paula, you guys sure spoiled us! SF trips won't be the same if you guys ever move away!!!


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