Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party

• 19 January 2009

Last Thanksgiving we visited my sister and her family who live in the Seattle area. During that trip my sweet niece offered to use her own allowance to buy E. a set of nesting dolls she spotted at a fair. I was so touched by this act of kindness that I suggested to my daughter that perhaps we do a matryoshka doll/nesting doll theme for her upcoming birthday...and after spotting these at the Beehive Bazaar how could either one of us resist?

And so the party planning progressed...oh, it was so much fun to plan! Can I just say how grateful I am for Etsy? What would I have done without this fabulous resource?

Here's how the party flowed...

Decorations were simple...I bought the tableclothes, lanterns, plates, utensils, balloons at a local party store and Xpedx. Everything was very inexpensive. I think the lanterns ended up being 50 cents each. For the banner I printed out one of the pdf's I purchased on Etsy, punched it out into a scalloped circle, and thread it with thin satin ribbon. It didn't take long at all to make. The little nesting doll set that spawned the whole theme flanked the fireplace too :)

At the beginning of the party I led the girls to a crafting table where they could make matryoshka doll notecards for themselves. This was a fun thing to do for 15/20 minutes while guests trickled into the party. I wrapped up each girl's cards in a clear cellophane bag so they could take them home after wards.

Then, we played "Pin the Bow on the Matryoshka Doll", which is a classic game all children seem to love. Following that game we played "hide and seek" with a set of nesting dolls from IKEA. We hid the dolls, the girls had to find them. After we played "hide and seek" a few times, we played "duck, duck, goose", which didn't follow the theme, of course, but was fun to play anyway! We continued with "limbo"and "pass the button" before sitting down to eat cupcakes & apples. Prizes included little notepads from Japantown in San Francisco, mini-Kolo albums, and handmade goodies picked up on Etsy & Art Market over the past year (those little gifties always seem to come in handy!). I wrapped them in {always-handy} cellophane bags and cut out a little nesting doll to adhere onto the bag. Super easy!

Since I'm all about reading up on "sources", I've listed mine below:


Jewelry/Hair Accessory Set for the birthday girl to wear for the party (and counted as a gift)

Crafting Table

Matryoshka doll stamp

Matryoshka doll printable paper for crafting

Party Favors & Prizes

Printable pdf for mini-bookmarks

Babushka ponytail holders from here

Matryoshka doll muslin drawstring bags made by a talented local I discovered at Art Market. Contact me if you want here contact info :) She is willing to create custom bags and offers excellent pricing.

Food & Tabletop

Cupcake toppers (a great stop for kitschy toppers too)

To eat? Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting (half the amount of lemon juice the recipe calls for) and apple slices (my daughter's favorite) to curb the sweetness; both were a big hit with the kids.

Set of 5 Matryoshka dolls from IKEA.

Update:  A few more beautiful birthday party ideas inspired by postage stamps... take a peek!


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