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Outer Space Birthday Party

• 27 December 2010

For his sixth birthday, my son requested a "space" party, thanks to his recent infatuation with a book about outer space and some flash cards I purchased for him from Target's dollar aisle (which we used for a simple, decorative banner). I happily abliged and was secretly thrilled he chose such a fun theme. I immediately jumped on etsy to see what I could find--it turned out to be a great starting point.

I found these wonderful, vintage outer space flash cards that I initially purchased for the invitations--they ended up serving as thank you notes, which was just as great. I also found vintage outer space stamps on etsy--unused and ready to hit the mail.

Since the party began at 10 o'clock in the morning, I couldn't justify filling them up entirely with sugar, so I served them fun snacks my son likes to munch on at this time of day. His favorites are: cheese sticks, pretzels, clementines (which conveniently resemble planets!), apple slices tossed with Meyer lemon juice, celery and carrots. I've said this before, but I'm always surprised how much kids love reaching for those healthy snacks. They downed those yummy treats in minutes! My son requested a cake this time, not cupcakes (drat!), and while it was delicious, it wasn't the best-looking cake I've made (I over beat the frosting in the mixer--darn buttercream!). I'd definitely make it again, keeping a closer eye on the frosting next time. The kids LOVED those grownup orange sodas too...those were definitely a winner with all of the children.

One of my son's birthday presents was a "moon" tee purchased at the local space-themed boutique (seriously, how lucky to have moved to a city that boasts such a fun shop!). Fun stickers served as prizes for the games we played, which included "Pass the Plutonian" (a spin on spoon races), and "Hot Potato" (with an inflatable astronaut subbing for a spud). The kids loved both of these a lot and wanted to play them over and over with slight variations each time.

Instead of real ice cream, I bought astronaut ice cream instead. How cool to be able to try genuine space food, right?!

For party favors, we wrapped up one of these foam maps for each guest. I used the remaining vintage space cards as gift tags thanks to a tiny hold puncher and some ribbon. It really was a lot of fun to off to plan my daughter's birthday party. Having 3 of my 4 kids right around the holidays definitely keeps me on my toes when it comes to planning birthdays!


  1. So great! I love that t-shirt, too. It must have been awesome for the kids to try real "space" ice cream!

  2. my son would LOVE this party, he is all about space right now and is also 6! what fun!

  3. Love it Stephanie! A space party is so great.

  4. Such a great idea! Love the colors you chose and space ice cream.

  5. what a wonderful idea for a boy party. Very original!

  6. fantastic! i'm sure each guest felt so special with all those out-of-this world details. ;)

  7. Great colors and very well-executed!

  8. I LOVE this party...fantastic! My hubby is obsessed with space...maybe i should steal this for his next b-day. He's not too old, right ;-)

  9. I have lots of girl ideas but I only have 1 girl & THREE boys! So I need some great ideas like this! Thanks!


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