Bateau Birthday Party

• 21 October 2012

If I had a penny for every time I heard my Baby Gray say "bateau!" with all the enthusiasm a 2-year-old can muster (which is a lot!), I would be a rich woman.  We live near this grouping of boats pictured above and pass by them at least once a day; thus providing many opportunities for him to practice one of his first (and favorite) French words.  From the time we are in sight of the Ballard Bridge and then take the turn next to Fisherman's Terminal, it's "Mama! Bateaux bateaux!", over and over.  Each day it is the same drill, but I never tire of it.  I am keenly aware that someday in the not-too-distant future I will be wishing with all my might to go back to these precious moments when he was just figuring out how to express his joy for the beautiful world around him.  

So, needless to say, when it came time to plan his little party, it was easy to decide on a theme :)

We were grateful for the late afternoon sun on this particular Saturday--a stroke of good luck here in Seattle.  The little party was held at the Model Boat Pond outside the Center for Wooden Boats, just off Lake Union.  The children made their own vessels with wooden boats/trays and skewers I painted and adorned with washi tape and tape I procured at one of the boating supply stores nearby.  

The model boat pond proved to be the perfect diversion for all the kids, regardless of their ages.  I wondered why we hadn't visited before, especially when we live fairly close by.  It was such an ideal location for a family picnic and people watching.

While setting up the edibles, the wind caught ahold of the balloon bouquet and off they went...

Cousins and friends hanging out...a great crew of kids.  Gray was tickled with all the attention and the big kids' willingness to let him hang with them.  You could just see it in his face--he was so happy!

More "floation devices" from the kids' favorite donut shop in town and other snacks Gray enjoys.

Sneaking away for some solo time with his new spoils.  It turns out the shallow wall surrounding the model boat pond is the perfect height for playing with matchbox cars--his toy of choice these days :)

And to cap off Gray's bateau birthday party, the kids were entertained by sea plane after sea plane landing on Lake Union.  They cheered on every single plane with equal enthusiasm and simply couldn't believe their luck.  Three plans in ten minutes?  Yes, please.  Their excitement was contagious and we adults couldn't help but join in over this very unexpected experience (usually the best, right?).  A good way to conclude his little party to be sure :)

p.s. I still can't believe he is two.  Do you remember when he was born?  And when he turned one?  His curls were just starting to show and we were going nuts over this unexpected trait (we both have brown hair and brown eyes).  Time is a flyin' my friends...

images by me, Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


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