Meet Our Newest Addition

• 09 September 2010

Naming this lad has proven most difficult! Between not knowing the sex of the baby ahead of time and then having baby 2.5 weeks early, we were at quite a standstill for days. Literally. But thanks to all of your suggestions, the wheels started turning and the creative juices began flowing. We dug up family names, regularly consulted our favorite baby name book, and of course frequently checked your comments and suggestions. Many, many thanks dear readers for taking the time to share your thoughts! And yes, we did choose a name within those suggestions. Without further adieu...

Friends, meet Gray Thomas Brubaker.

Gray, meet all the lovely people who graciously contributed to your naming.

Gray = the only name in the universe we could both agree on. I'm not joking. As an added bonus it even has significance in French.

Thomas = a meaningful family name, which is what we like middle names to be. Plus, it sounds great with Gray :)

And now we all have one heckuva list of baby boy names, now don't we? Fabulous. If our family weren't complete, I'd bookmark that post and save it for future reference. What good taste you all have!


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