stephmodo: Martha Stewart's Stain Removal Chart

Martha Stewart's Stain Removal Chart

• 01 March 2007

I think any Domestic Goddess is interested in anything that makes the undesirable task of laundry more enjoyable or at the very least, easier. I found something that may qualify: a Stain Removal chart from I've placed mine in my laundry room where I have a little bulletin board up on the wall--this keeps it handy and always visible. Given the amount of laundry I do and the number of stains I'm challenged to remove, this little ditty has proven quite helpful.

The left hand column of my blog has a link to the page where you can download this chart for yourself. All you need is Adobe Reader, which is also available on the page. It's attractive, easy to read and definitely worth laminating at Kinkos or something. All you need to do is click on the link and then click on "Stain First Aid Chart" at the bottom of the text. Good luck and Happy Laundering (if there is such a thing!).


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