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4 Buttons

• 14 April 2007

On Friday we night we ventured out to try a unique eatery called One World Cafe. I've heard things about it here and there since we moved to SLC and have been intrigued by the concept. The idea is to "end world hunger" by making healthy, organic food affordable and most importantly, available to everyone. Of course, the entire world (maybe just SLC) doesn't necessarily benefit by One World Cafe; however, it is a noble cause.

Upon entering the cafe and checking out the random sayings and kitsch on the walls, patrons are supposed to grab a plate and utensils (all mismatched). The friendly staff is happy to explain the process without making you feel awkward and to also walk you through the night's menu options. They respectfully ask you to only ask for the portions you will consume as they like to cut down on the amount of wasted food. I enjoyed mixed greens, roast chicken & potatoes, some kind of squash salad and a bowtie dill pasta salad. My favorite was the latter. Here's the kicker: After your meal each guest is supposed to pay what he/she thinks the food was worth and place payment in a cardboard box. The last step? ...add a button to the box so they can have some sense of a headcount.

Overall the experience was worthwhile and our friends Scott & Robin--who are always up for trying something interesting and new--made it even more fun. Although I (& Robin) found the cafe a bit dingy for my taste, the food was good and made entirely from scratch. I especially enjoyed that aspect of the experience.

One last note abou the cafe: It is operated on a volunteer basis by people who dedicate at least one hour a week to the cause. I'm tempted to figure out a way to donate an hour of my time and if I do so, the first thing on my docket will be to give that place a good scrub down!

All of the following pictures were taken by our good friend Scott Lunt:

One of the three no-frills dining areas

the buttons

Listening to the server explain each dish and how the cafe works


  1. I have never heard of a place like that - would definitely be interested if there was something around OH comparable. I'll have to do some digging.

  2. Steph! Its fun to see you and baby! How are you? I found your blog through Ashley's - I hope you are well. I'm over at Angie Ballard

  3. Holy cow - what a novel concept. I'm just afraid that it's only a matter of time before the honest tree-huggers (YOU, lol) get run out of there by the average (less-honest) people who end up ruining the business.

  4. looks delicious!! hehe

  5. the food was so good that we even followed it up with pizza after.


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