stephmodo: Caroline's Art Exhibit @ Woodbury Gallery

Caroline's Art Exhibit @ Woodbury Gallery

• 13 April 2007

My sister-in-law Caroline dared to do what Ben and I both toyed with--she became a Photography major. It has been a lot of fun hearing about her classes, projects, etc. Pretty much we can live our "photography dream" vicariously through her :) She is graduating from UVSC this year and for her senior project she created an ensemble of photographs detailing texture, color and their respective least I think that is what it was all about! Still on a high from last night, I conjured up enough energy this morning to take all three, count 'em three, kids down to her art exhibition and lunch. It was a fun day!

Her Intro to the Exhibit

My favorite

E spontaneously decided to hold the mannequin's hand....
I guess he looked a little lonely. I am lucky I caught the moment
on camera. It was so adorable to watch her shyly approach "it"
and reach out her hand.

Caroline's photographs in the background


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