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Chateau St. Philippe

• 09 April 2007

For a mere $14,000 a week up to 20 people can rent this chateau in Albertville, a town in the Savoie region of France. It looks like there are 9 or 10 bedrooms here, a gourmet kitchen, a home theatre, a game room, many living rooms/sitting rooms, amazing grounds and of course world-class views. $14,000 divided up amongst 10 couples is actually a great deal for an experience like this. It adds to about $1400 a week per couple, which is $200 per night. This would be a great vacation for families with kids. I'm ready to hop over to France tomorrow...anyone want to come?

Out of a fairy tale

Not too shabby for a front entrance!

Home theatre for the boys...I mean men.

Gourmet kitchen, perfect for cooking with fresh ingredients purchased
at the local market or foraged in the woods (truffles)

Pretty nice for a backside :)

Just one of the 10 bedrooms!


  1. Yeah, we'll go in on it with you. We might need to share our room with about 10 other people though. :)


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