stephmodo: Seven Weeks Today!

Seven Weeks Today!

• 11 April 2007

Don't let the fact that I post every day make you think I'm not up to my ears in kids over here :) In order to "blog" I must Extreme Multi-task (maybe they should start a TV series on that very subject). While sitting here at the computer, while L and E attempt to nap upstairs, I use my right leg to softly lull S to sleep in her bouncer...or so I hope.

Here are a few pictures I took while sitting in this very position. She was looking up at me with the cutest expressions and I had to capture them. These were taken 17 minutes ago.


  1. Beautiful baby! Great photos! They brightened my day! Thanks

  2. Stephanie - Lisa forwarded your blog to me (I've been trying to eat organic as much as possible) so I really enjoyed your comments. I really enjoyed all the great pictures of your family and your comments. My love to your family - Janie Hollister

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  4. She looks so much like a Hatch-- it's unbelievable. The perfect child to name after Allison!

  5. Ooh, great captures. What an angel.


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