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Tea Party

• 05 April 2007

I called my friend Tamara this morning wanting to know if she knew of a great bakery to purchase scones...not Sconecutter honey but the real deal. After talking about it for a few minutes we decided to have a little tea party amongst ourselves (and neighbor Kate) after the kiddies were in bed. Between the two of us we gathered a sampling of scones, buns as well as clotted Devonshire cream and my homemade lemon curd from this past weekend (lasts up to a week in the fridge). At 9 p.m. myself and my neighbor Kate, scuttled over to Tam's house at the end of the street and shared a few hours of laughs, good food (Avenues Bakery wins on the scones) and unofficial therapy :)


  1. You guys are so funny. What kind of tea did you have?

    We've always wanted to try the Avenues Bakery, but we're not even sure where it is! Hm.. Is it the one next to the Einstein's Bagels?

  2. Jerin, it is next to Einstein Bagels. It's pretty tasty! We enjoyed lemon ginger tea, herbal of course :)


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