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New Blog to Love

• 18 May 2007

If you love both Paris and New York, this is a fantastic blog. If only I'd discovered it BEFORE our trip to NY last weekend. Oh time. For those of you who live in NY, this is a gem.


  1. Yes, cool site! How did you find it, do you know the lady who writes Paris in New York? I am moving to NY from Paris.

  2. I found it on Google when I searched "Francophile" and "New York" I think. I love everything French and since NY has everything, I thought I might discover some new shops and whatnot. I do not know her but I bet you could get to know her via her blog. She's loaded with tips I am sure. Are you a Parisian or ex-Pat?


Thanks so much for taking the time to drop a line. I really appreciate it!

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