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Stampin' Online

• 01 May 2007

Since accumulating an additional child I'm slowly discovering the world of online shopping. In the past I've never been interested because of 1. the shipping fees and 2. you lose out on the whole shopping experience. Now, there is no time for such experiences and with gas at $3/gallon, I'm happy to pay shipping. Not to mention the obvious perk of not having to shlep 2 or 3 kids around.

One of my online discoveries includes the United States Postal Service store. On their website one can purchase numerous varieties of stamps--not just what they have left at your local branch. Once you choose (from the many many choices) they will ship them to your door for a nominal fee of $1--as in a buck. So worth it. It costs me that much to drive one way to the PO so as long as I can wait a few days, it's worth it. Check it out for yourself and check one "to-do" off that list of yours.
These remind me of some quilts my friend Rebecca loves;
to be honest, I think I love them too! Who knew quilts
could be so stylish and hip?

Judy Garland is a class act and putting her headshot on any of my stationery
is a-okay by me. She really dresses up a little thank you note and adds a little style.

After touring his home in Cambridge, MA with my friend Megan (great idea btw!),
I feel more of a kinship with this man even though he has long passed away.
He is the perfect addition to a note to a male friend/relative or to a literary guru.


  1. Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...
    Speaking of Judy Garland, there is an exciting new group on Yahoo called The Judy Garland Experience. The group features amazingly rare audio treasures, great photo’s, lively discussions, and just about the greatest membership a group can have. This week we are featuring rare files of Judy performing in Long Beach with The Rat Pack, as well as an ultra rare interview with Judy, unreleased tracks of Sinatra at Carnegie Hall, and some other odds and ends (including both of Judy’s songs from Valley Of The Dolls).
    The group consists of fans of all levels, Garland family members, historians, authors of books on Judy, other entertainers, filmakers, and more. The only thing missing is you!
    So, please check out our little Judyville, once you visit us you might never want to leave.


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