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Decorating Bookcases

• 14 June 2007

I picked up this bookcase the other day at Target...can you believe it? Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to place on the shelves. I'd like to make this...
look something like this....
Although this bookcase isn't shaped the same,
the arrangement is nice and could be modified:

A few tips from HGTV on decorating bookcases:

1. Mix materials used on the bookshelf i.e. porcelain with wood, etc.

2. Choose colors that will coordinate with each other, and the books if possible.

3. Use tall picture frames or small paintings for higher vertical lines.

4. If matching items are used, such as a pair of vases, put them on the same shelf with one directly on it, and the other with a book or two underneath.

5. Use different shapes--mis something square and round on the same shelf.

6. Remove the jackets of hard-covered books and store them elsewhere--the colors of the spines will look nicer without them.

Click here for additional information on decorating bookcases. Deborah Burnett's site is not very aesthetically pleasing and requires more "sifting" but she does have some excellent tips so it's worth a look.


  1. I did this with our bookshelves a few years ago. Mixed up the books with items I had at home and then random items from a VERY neat store similar to Ross. It was a very nice change and fun to do!! Have fun.

  2. I never even thought about arranging stuff on a bookcase to make it look decorative. We've got a lot of work to do. Thanks for the ideas!


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