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Yummy Yummy to my Tummy

• 17 June 2007

My CSA began last Thursday...yeah! It feels like a mini-Farmer's Market is delivered to me weekly. This week my box included:

1. mustard greens
2. arugula
3. assorted spring greens
4. spinach
5. red leaf lettuce

I can really taste the difference between the spinach purchased on Costco (although I''m not letting it affect our wonderful relationship) and organic spinach picked that day at a local farm. I'm really buying into this "Buy Local First" campaign all over SLC. If buying local means amazing produce and Romina's Meyer Lemon tarts, I'm all over it in a big way.

I used the greens in a salad with cucumbers and a shallot vinaigrette (see Father's Day BBQ post below). The salad would also be nice with fresh tomatos (for both color and flavor) and avocado slices.

If you're interested in joining a CSA program, click here for a participating farm near you. Come on, support the little guys!


  1. this is so exciting. it's awesome that you got totally usable produce. and you can feel good about it from the ground up. you inspire me!

  2. Hey, we did a 1/2 share of the CSA thanks to your recommendation! The drop is only a few blocks from our house. We're excited to get all these new veggies that we normally don't buy. The bok choy was no problem for us. But the arugula was a little new for me. We tried it as a pesto sauce and a salad ingredient. I didn't like the latter but the pesto was yummy. And yes, very fresh stuff!

    ps. for some reason, we only got 4 out of the 5 veggies. weird?

  3. You look great Steph!

  4. Hey, Wami pointed out that we actually had different things from you guys. You had no bok choy... iiiinteresting...


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