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Banana Cream Pie

• 30 July 2007

As my friend Tamara, the pie expert, would say, "there is nothing worse than a fake banana cream pie". Well, this is anything but fake. I hope she likes the slab I set aside for her today!

I saw this article in last month's MS Living magazine and immediately became hungry just looking at the pictures. Yum! There is something so Americana about diner desserts. Sometimes you just want a simple dessert, nothing too fancy, and this is just that.

My two favorite aspects of this dessert are:
1. the nice balance between the saltiness of the crust
and the sweetness of the custard
2. whipped cream that is not overly sweet--and lots of it!

Next time I'll be far more generous with the chocolate shavings on the top. Chocolate is always a nice compliment to banana.

Click here for the full recipe. It's so yummy!

I had to add on this picture today as I just barely discovered a few pics on the camera a la Miss E. Well done little photographer!


  1. Pies are one thing I definetly need to perfect! Tamara's love of pie making is very inspiring, I will definetly try this recipe out. Thanks Steph

  2. So, I actually TASTED the masterPIEce! Nothing can replace creations from scratch... YUM... It must have taken FOREVER to make. It was much appreciated. Thanks!!


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