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Brian Regan

• 16 July 2007

It seems rare you find a comedian who is both absolutely hilarious and clean at the same time. Well, I think my sister-in-law Rachel has done it. Brian Regan (of Comedy Central) is his name and making people laugh is his game.

He will be performing at Thanksgiving Point's outdoor amphitheatre on the evening of Saturday, August 18. If you too end up going, let me know...we can place our picnic blankets side by side and laugh the night away!

Harvard Medical School conducted a study exploring the benefits of laughing. They found:

1. Pessimists are twice as likely to develop heart problems
2. Children laugh 10 times more than adults
3. Laughing for only ten minutes a day was shown to relieve high blood pressure and arthritis pain

See details regarding the performance here.

P.S. If you have a tough time getting over the sticker shock (about $44/ticket with fees) then think of it as a very inexpensive therapy session!


  1. we saw him a couple of times while in the bay refreshing to enjoy a guiltless evening of laughter and entertainment

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    Kendra told me you guys were going to this, she actually overnighted me her tickets last minute - she left town early, and we happened to be visiting my brother in Sugarhouse. Jeremy and I laughed so hard! I'd never of Brian Regan before, but we are fans now!
    I love your blog too - so many great ideas for design, recipes, projects . . . Thanks!
    - Michiko


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