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Baby, Baby, Baby

• 05 July 2007

This week we began sleep training so my favorite sleeping book, a.k.a. my "sleep Bible" is on my mind big time. It's been a lifesaver with E. and L. and it's coming in handy yet again. I highly recommend it. I find it's a nice balance between the many books out there regarding sleep training children.
Just the other day I spoke to Neylan and Amy about this nifty gadget. I'd really like to get one for my diaper bag. Then I only have to remember to pack snacks once every few weeks instead of each and every time I head out of the house. The memory is slowing so this might be nice for me :)


  1. I have to say that I second the motion to use this "sleep book." We use it, as do several other friends of ours. It works. We're happy, our baby is happy and Steph's babies - well, they sure look happy, don't they?

  2. Thank you Steph for finding this book years ago. Think of all the fun we'd have missed out on if we hadn't trained our kids... all the evening meals after the kids went to bed for one! Love you!


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