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Lip Color

• 30 August 2007

I used to be a MAC lipstick addict in college...but after bad reviews in the "taste" department, I decided to switch to yummier lipsticks. Here are a few lipsticks that not only look and feel great, but taste great too (is it me or does that last part sound like an old beer commercial? maybe I should add "less filling"?):

Aveda lip color...tastes as good as the Rosemary shampoo smells. "Kashmir Brown" (from last year's line--available on Ebay, MSN, or Salon Zazoo locally) is my favorite shade

Origins lip color...I love "Hot Cocoa" (check out the Cosmetic Store outlet in Park City); a close second to Aveda in the taste/sensation department.

Benefit Cosmetics makes a fantastic, luscious, creamy (can you tell I'm lovin' it?!) lipstick in a perfectly neutral color called "Good to Go".

Bobbi Brown...I like Brown Shimmer but when I'm in the mood for matte (most often) I use "Brown"'s apparently one of her most popular shades and is constantly being used in photo shoots and the like. Apparently it's versatile too and looks great on many different complexions. Dandee sent me a swap package with the Bobbi Brown lip tint in "Tea" and I'm loving that as well.


  1. I'm defnitely a MAC addict -and not just lipstick! But I may be willing to try something new....!

  2. Lisa, your husband will thank you! :) wink wink.


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