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To Do SLC: Bukoos

• 11 August 2007

Okay so it's not really in Salt Lake, but it's close...and it's too good of a secret to not be shared.

Look what I bought for $80--that's including tax thank you.
a beautiful hardcover cookbook

an 8x11 area rug

a hardcover children's book--a classic nonetheless!

* * * * * * *

Thank you to Carey and Jen for telling me about this great place! I can't wait to go back.

Click here to head to their website for hours, directions and the like.

Note: Bukoos is offering free memberships (normally $25/year) through August 18th.


  1. Livi has 2 of those Curious George books..found them at TJ Maxx of all places and we read a story every night about Monkey George. Great finds!

  2. I signed up! Do I actually have to go into the store before Aug 18th to get a membership?

  3. I believe you do...I'm heading up there this week to snatch one up. Be prepared for LONG lines though.


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