stephmodo: Compiling Your Design Ideas

Compiling Your Design Ideas

• 14 September 2007

Ever poured through a magazine and found an ad or a spread that you just love? Well rip it out and put it aside for this little, a.k.a. easy, project.

Gather the pages you've ripped out over the years (or minutes) and quickly pan across them. Do you see patterns? For example, do you tend to rip out pictures of dream kitchens? backyard layouts/designs? craft projects to do with kids? party ideas? sofas that fit the bill? You get the idea.

Once you separate them into piles, use a paper cutter to trim the edges for a finished look. Use mini-post it notes to write down what it is you like about the page. Do you like the color of the walls with that particular sofa? Do you love the centerpiece? Do you love the lighting? If you're like me, you'll think there couldn't possibly be any way you'll forget what it is you like, but believe me, it will happen. So write it down...on a little post-it. It takes 5 seconds.

Then place the pages in sheet protectors.

Use dividers to separate the categories and label clearly.

Put your pages in a binder worthy of display on your coffee table, like this one or this one, and then do just that--place it on your coffee table. That way you can quickly flip through it when you have a spare moment (if you find yourself lucky enough to have one!) and be inspired.

Each year go through the binder and edit. Styles and tastes change and you'll want to leave room for new ideas.

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