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Don't Tell My Husband, But...

• 07 September 2007

...I'm pretty much in love with these chairs right now.

If I had a spare thousand bucks I just might snatch up a set of these Eames chairs. Until then, I have the pages of my latest DWR catalog to drool over and a piggy bank to fill.

Click here to view on DWR's website.


  1. Steph, I am a huge Eames fan and the lounge chair I covet is $$$- so tell Ben he's lucky you only want the $$. You can also find used ones online for less. Lots of people collect them.
    I feel terrible that we couldn't meet up while I was in Utah. We had a crazy week full of wedding madness, then Corey and I went on a little get away. Max got sick and then got me sick so our trip ended in fevers, stuffy noses, and head aches. So sorry, it is always nice to see you when we are in town.

  2. couldn't agree more... love the chair and love the fuzzy rug...


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