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i {heart} swap

• 09 September 2007

Tell all your favorite gal pals to sign up because this is going to be fun!! What a great way to discover new people with similar interests as well as discover new blogs and such. Captivated? Riveted? Read on little ladies...

To participate, all you need to do is gather up items you love...a little something you've made, a book and/or magazine you love, makeup you can't live without, household item, photograph, food item (although this can get tricky via mail), stationery set, a piece of jewelry, etc. and send them off to a swap partner (assigned to you by moi). Use your creativity and imagination--there's no stoppin' ya! Anything long as you {heart} it.

i heart swap

the Nitty Gritty:

1. Leave a comment or email me (see right column), either works to let me know you are interested in participating in the swap.

2. Once you're "in", I'll need some basic info from you including name, mailing address, interests, blog (if applicable) and a little ditty about yourself. I will consider all this info when assigning you a swap partner.

3. So start gathering...isn't that what us women do best?!

Please note the signup deadline is Wednesday, September 19 and the delivery deadline is Monday, October 8.

Spread the word by blog, email or word of mouth! This will be a great diversion for us all over the next few weeks. I can't wait to hear about all your favorite things!

P.S. To read about how much fun it is to swap, click here, here, here, here, or here !


  1. Hey Steph,
    I got your blog info from Merillee Gottfredson. I've had a lot of fun reading about you. I am Lindsey Hall's sister in law. I met you at her house for New Years awhile back. We had a great time with you and Ben. I'm curious about your swap. It sounds fun. Do we buy new items or find used around our house???? I'm not sure. Let me know! -Julie Pia

  2. Hi Julie! It's nice to hear from you! I'd love to have you participate. So are you friends with Merrilee too then? Small world! Re: the swap, I've only participated in one myself but I've read a lot about them on other blogs and it seems to me that the packages people put together are combinations of both used and new things. For example, the one I sent out included new stationery, a funky mouse pad from See Jane Work, new pens, etc. but then i also included some fun things from around the house--cool labels, tags I made, etc. I saw one swap where she made a "craft apron" and then included some new things with it too. It really can be whatever. But I personally think it's nice to mix it up a bit. If you want more info, email me at the address in the right column. Anyway, thanks for popping in. It was great to see your name pop up! Let me know if you end up deciding to participate. It would be great to have you! Have a great week :)

  3. i'm so excited!! i've been dying to join a swap!!

  4. Hey Steph, Thanks for responding so quickly. It really is a small world. I know Merillee through my husband who went to highschool with Merillee's husband Steve. She raved about your blog one day and told me to check it out. I had know idea it was you or that you and Merillee knew each other. Pretty crazy huh? Anyway, it must be fate. I would love to join the swap. It sounds exciting and fun. Count me in and email me all the info. Thanks, Julie

  5. Stephanie,
    I would love to participate! Count me in. Let me know the details. you can contact me at and I look forward to hearing the rest.

  6. I'm in of course! I'll email you my info (maybe some things you don't know about me if that's possible!) and it will be so fun!

  7. i'm in and excited. it's so fun to get and send packages!

  8. I would love to be part of the swap, it sounds fun and I already know my favorite things I want to give which is even more exciting. Thanks Steph for putting this together.

  9. Hi. I'd like to join the swap also. Email with the info you need.


  10. Hi Steph,

    I found your blog through Kelly's, she's my sis-in-law. I would love to join your email is Let me know what you need!! Super cute blog too, I love all your idea's and posts!!


  11. Hey I don't know much about this swapping thing but it sounds fun. I love crafting and such. Can I join?

  12. Hi Steph! I found your blog through Rebecca's - your pictures are AMAZING, btw (she's such an awesome photographer!) I just moved to Utah, and I'd love to join in the swap - would you mind emailing the info: thanks!

  13. I love swaping! I would love to play. My email is I can email you my other info when I hear from you.

    JUst let me know

  14. Hey! I got your blog from a friend,and I'm so excited about this swap!! Please let me know what to do next! What a great idea! My blog is keep me posted! Email me or leave me a comment-

    Thank you!!
    Oh, also I have another friend interested as well her blog is

  15. I'm in too, Steph. Sounds fun! I was just reading about this whole swapping craze in a recent magazine. Cudos to you for organizing one. Please send me more details.

  16. just found your blog through a reader's comment on my blog! i am a swap addict...would love to participate.

  17. Hi Steph! Thanks for sending this to me -- I'd love to join the swap. I've never done one before...never even HEARD of one before, but it sounds like it will be right up my alley. I have been thinking and thinking about my package! I hope I don't disappoint! Thanks!! April

  18. Steph, I would love to join...but it's just one of those things I would slap myself for because it is just to crazy right now at our house. Please do it again though and I'll be in for sure!

  19. Hi!

    You have no idea who I am, but I got your link from the make and takes blog! I've been wanting to do one of these because I keep hearing about them and feel totally left out! My email is Thanks! I'm way excited. :)

  20. I found you off of the make and takes blog. (love that blog by the way) I would love to join this swap. You can email me at

  21. Hi there, Just found your blog...Count me in. I did the back2school swap too. It was so fun. Yippee. I love to swap...

  22. I am so glad you got back to me. My email is I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    I cannot wait to start swapping....


  23. Hi Steph did you get my infor. I am having email I hoe you got it. Let me know..Nicole

  24. This looks like so much fun, wish I could have found this when a month ago. If you have any more details to setting one up or great advice from organizing one can you email me the info, I would love to host one. ( Thanks


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