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Lunch Boxes...Bento Style

• 25 September 2007

My kindy-aged gal does not "appreciate it" when her food touches other food on her plate :) Although she does not lunch at school this year, she will next year, and all this hubbalub about bento boxes really has me a good way. I love the idea of Bento boxes for a few reasons:

1. food looks better separated; even kids notice "presentation" according to studies.
2. flavors don't mix; ham and cheese does not taste good with pineapple juice soaked Wonder
3. the novelty of it all might just encourage them to eat their lunch vs. tossing it (?)

Look how creative some people get! Amazing!

Click here and here to view websites offering all kinds of Bento boxes. We're talkin' variety folks.


  1. If anything that is not disposable comes home it is a miracle in my home.....I love the Bento Boxes, is there anything the Japanses cannnot think of?

  2. Hi I'm Rach's friend, Melissa. She told me to check out your blog since I'm highly addictive to this whole bloggin world...I love it! You have great ideas and I will definately stay posted to your site. You're so hip and chic...Rach said so and I agree!!

  3. They are cute bento boxes! The bento (the lunch inside the bento box) is what I grew up with my whole life. I remember looking forward towards a new bento box each year before the start of school. I was surprised you are interested in Bento Boxes!


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