stephmodo: Organizing Tip #3

Organizing Tip #3

• 20 October 2007

Clear off kitchen countertops

Clear kitchen countertops and put back only what you use at least two times per week. Store everything else in cabinets or drawers.

per Donna Smallin, the One-Minute Organizer

picture via House Beautiful

#1 Make your bed each day
#2 Clean out closet (take out everything not worn in one year)


  1. Can I just say you have an amazing blog. I am a friend of Cher's from Maryland and you do awesome.

  2. Good tips... but somehow it reminds me of my Saturday job list as a kid ;)

  3. I LOVE this tip!!! I am not being rude, just direct..........too bad my mother in law has counters with everything you can imagine on top. Needless to say I CANNOT wait to have MY OWN kitchen......15 months and counting is WAY too long to not have my own space. I'm just sayin'.

  4. First of all I love the kitchen picture you have posted. Could use more counter space but I really love it. I love #1 tip about the bed. The #2 tip doesn't work for me though. I wear the same clothes after a year. Who can afford to buy that many clothes every year. have favorites that you don't want to toss out right? Don't you?

  5. Wow, yet another great tip that would require a steep integration curb (spoken by an engineer, of course). It would be well worth it though...

  6. Wow, that is my dream kitchen. I keep contemplating painting my kitchen cupboards cream, and when I see that beauty, it makes me want to do so even more!

  7. I am really liking this organizing tip business! You inspired me to clean out my closet - a really honest friend came over and helped me to donate three bags of stuff that just wasn't quite right anymore. It was awesome!

  8. You'd be proud of me....I keep working on organizing one closet at a time. I'm now almost done with my teaching files! Now that's progress! We're failing in the bed-making department lately, though. Oh well.....Thanks for the tips, anyway!


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