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More Necklaces: Vintage Lockets

• 12 October 2007

Confession: I think that I'm truly addicted to Etsy. It's like bargain hunting times ten because there is so much amazing product and no middle man (or retailer rather) to mark everything up 100%. Does anyone know of any ten-step programs?

I digress...

Several months ago on the cover of In Style magazine, Courtney Cox wore a feminine blouse with a long vintage locket...or at least that is how I interpreted it at the time. It's stuck with me ever since. I love the idea of wearing something around your neck that includes a picture of what matters most.

Here are a few vintage lockets on Etsy worth hangin' around the pretty little neck of yours:

Vintage Locket #1 (click on the numeral)

Vintage Locket #2

Vintage Locket #3

Vintage Locket #4


  1. What a beautiful necklace. I love the idea of a locket.


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