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• 30 November 2007

My sister Cher is inspiring in many ways...she is super organized (she puts me to shame!), responsible, fun and motivated. When it comes to DIY'ers, she is the wo-man. She must be one of the few women I know that can install a disposal, hang a chandelier, paint without tape, and transform furniture. Her secret? lots of energy, a hard-working attitude and an early bedtime.

These pictures prove that anyone with a sense of style can design a Domino-worthy professional training needed. Cher started clipping pages out of magazines that she liked and compiled them in a binder so when it came to renovation time, she had a wealth of information at her fingertips. She deliberately chose bright colors to offset the gray days of Seattle. Incredible foresight on her part I think.

P.S. A little plug for Craigslist....she found some amazing pieces of mid-century furniture on her local Craigslist for super low prices. It reaffirmed my love for Craigslist and the fantastic deals you can find there. Give it a try if you haven't already!

I think her B-more friends will be very surprised at this new look!


  1. Beautiful pictures Stephanie. Yes, Cher is amazing and so are you!

  2. Oh...the kids rooms look great all done. They were a work in progress when I was last there (one month ago!). Cher is AMAZING & truly inspiring.

  3. I'm Cher's friend in Seattle and am in complete awe of what she can do! Just this week she was over at my house for play group and installed my light fixtures electrial wires and all. It sounds like you had a great time while you were here. I love your blog, sorry I didn't get to met you during your stay.

  4. stunning...any idea where she found the clear (lucite?) coffee table and red chair? The chandelier?

  5. According to Cher she found the clear lucite table at CB2, the red chair from Hold Everything, which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore because of these two crazy husband and wife CEO's....that's another story though. Email me if you want details! And then the chandelier by the fireplace is from West Elm, the one above the dining table is from and the one in Ella's room is Ikea. Hope that helps!

  6. WOW! she did an amazing job! you don't know me, but my sister chelsea is a friend of your sister in law caroline and she introduced me to your fabulous blog! hope you don't mind me stopping by...

  7. Ooh, love it. LOVE IT! Wanna come decorate my place Cher? I could use some of your mad skills . . . But mostly I just want to hang out!

    Love to you both!!!


  8. What a fantastic house!! I love it, everything about it!!

  9. Wow, your sister's a talent! I wish she lived near me and could help me with some projects!


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