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From the Archives Part I

• 19 November 2007

I am heading out to Seattle tomorrow for a family vacation--in fact it is our first family vacation involving air travel. Ooohhh, I can hardly wait to travel with three small children! :)

I'll be posting links to archived posts that I love and find pertinent to this holiday gift-giving season. If it's old news for you...sorry...I guess these posts will be geared towards new readers mostly. After a few days of archived posts, we'll go back to brand new posts.

I am sure Seattle will inspire so sit tight. It will be fun to explore a new city--one of my favorite things to do!

Right now I'm mostly excited about:

1. seeing my sister and family
2. visiting Paper Source and choosing supplies for handmade Christmas cards (I know, I'm crazy)
3. eating yummy seafood
4. the fact that precipitation is scheduled to be light to none. Yessssssss!

Onto archived posts:

Affordable Letterpress: Undoubtedly, letterpress is the most beautiful stationery to give and these Etsy shops make it affordable to do.

Scalloped Cupcake Cups: Perfect neighbor gift for the holidays.

Punked Out: So not me, but so very hilarious.

Navarro Vineyards Grape Juice
: The perfect hostess gift for the non-drinker (it is delicious!)


  1. Have fun in Seattle and give Cher and the kiddos a hug and kiss from me!

  2. So nice of you to visit my fledgling little blog! Courtesy of C. VanO I'm sure. (I'm a wee bit embarrassed since mine isn't as cool as yours, but hey, I live in Idaho). Sorry I missed the "I Heart" swap! I was born and raised in Seattle, you have a perfect list of things to do! Be sure to pat the Brass Piggy at the Market, and dress in layers. Wish I were going to be there this week!


Thanks so much for taking the time to drop a line. I really appreciate it!

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