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My Favorite Household Tool

• 14 November 2007

This muscle man comes in handy time after time. Who would've guessed we could use it pretty much everywhere...including outside!

What is your favorite household tool? I'd love know...


  1. this is the only thing that really cleans my textured apt. bathtub!

  2. I seem to have a fettish recently with Clorox Anywhere Spray perfect for the kitchen counter and high chair. I also couldn't live without my Dyson Animal Vacuum It's such a lifesaver for living with an animal or a toodler. Otherwise I'd probably get rid of my dog.

  3. Mary-Anne showed the "muscle man" to me many moons ago and we have been using this for all sorts of jobs. She also introduced some great Aussie products that include a powder you put in the wash that makes the whites absolutely white when colors were mixed in a wash. It is called Run Away.

  4. The cleaning "tool" I like..I mean LOVE is the dish cloth that Mary-Anne gave me last spring. It is the BEST cloth around! It's from Australia. (Mary-Anne......I could be very happy and even more in love with another one!!! nudge nudge)

  5. I hear you on this one; it is amazing!


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