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Monkey Business

• 14 December 2007

Check out all this monkey business. I am sooo glad the "monkey-party-in-a-box" came through. He honestly would have been happy with anything though--that's just the kind of little guy he is. If only he could stay this adorable forever.

We played old-fashioned games like "pin the tail on the monkey" (quite hilarious actually), and "who can make the best monkey sound". The kids also made a monkey craft I found online. It was a great reminder that kids don't require bells and whistles to have a great time. Simple is good.

We ate these cupcakes with this frosting and loved them. Even though they are from scratch they didn't take much longer to make than a boxed mix, especially with the help of an electric mixer (great Christmas present!). Definitely worth the extra 10 minutes. Yum!

Note: I'm sure you've noticed a few candles are missing...well I had the flu and a few things slipped my mind like candles! Lame of me I know but he did have trouble blowing out one candle so I did feel a little better then :)


  1. What a great party! I love that you made homemade cupcakes. They look delicious!

  2. Happy Birthday L!!! He's so great, and you are wonderful at putting on parties so I am sure that it was a fantastic day. hope that your flu bug is gone!

  3. Steph - I just saw your family photos on Leah's blog - simply gorgeous! Blessing to your family this Christmas! Lisa

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! And a very happy birthday boy!


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