stephmodo: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year

• 09 January 2008

Make note...Chinese New Year is February 7th.

One of the first times the husband and I spent time together was at a Chinese restaurant celebrating Chinese New Year...or whatever. However, I use the phrase "spent time together" very loosely here. The husband spent the dinner mostly talking to another girl he was dating at the time and the husband's roommate spent the night flirting with me. A little topsy turvey but it ended out right in the end :)

Also, when we lived in San Francisco I threw a Chinese New Year party. How could I not with Chinatown a few blocks away? Around the apartment we placed a few bowls of fortune cookies purchased directly from the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie company, also in Chinatown. When I arrived at the factory a woman asked me if I wanted the "sexy fortune cookie" or the "regular fortune cookie". I opted for "regular" but I wonder, should I have purchased the "sexy" ones? That might've put an interesting twist on our dinner party :)

All in all I have fond memories of Chinese New Year.

Wouldn't it be fun to host your own party and mail out invitations like these with these stamps?

And decorate with these lanterns and these garlands?

And prepare this menu?

And give these out as party favors?

Oh yes it would.

For an all out tutorial as to how to prepare a simple party, click here.


  1. I just finished reading a magazine story... The just of it was, legend has it that making 1,000 paper cranes makes a wish come true. The woman who made the cranes was wishing for a heart transplant for her 6 mo. baby boy. She had the whole hospital staff making cranes... they made thousands!

  2. They have a really cute Chinese New Year party idea for kids in Cookie magazine this month... it looked like a lot of fun!

    I love your story about your first kind-of date with your husband...

  3. wow what a great blog.
    last year i actually went and bought these cool chopsticks at a store off the beaten path to send to all my friend with cute cards that were so say, "happy New year" the chopsticks are still sitting in my cupboard. maybe this will motivate me to do it.
    i always say anyone who knows melissa is one lucky gal!
    thanks for your comment on my blog and i can't tell you how lucky we are to know Robin and her husband. In case she has not told you how awesome her and her husband are and how much our ward loves them, I will document that now.
    again -GREAT blog!

  4. You and Pier1 must be on the same wavelength because today I received a message from them about hosting a Chinese New Years party in my inbox. They have some good ideas that can be viewed here:

  5. this post just brought tears to my eyes, strange and odd I know but for me this just hit home. If all goes right we will be coming home from the hospital on the 7th. I hope this new year brings great miracles. (please forgive the tears, I seem to be a bit weepy lately - I tried not to get my key board too


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