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Let's Get Organized Swap

• 03 January 2008

Spread the news, it's swap time...again! (feel free to use the "button" in the right column on your on blog)

Swapping was so much fun last time, let's do this again. It's the New Year and getting organized is a popular resolution. It's easy to understand is so much better (not to mention "easier" and "simpler") when we are trying to be organized. I'm constantly amazed at the information I come by on the "blogosphere". There is much talent to be shared and many a tip to be passed along. So let's do just that...let's get organized!

Let it be known this is not just a swap for the "already-organized" folks...this is for anyone with a desire to be more organized.

Here is how it works:

Think about what helps you be it a nifty gadget or two? a system? a compilation of several ideas? Has one particular book or magazine been inspiring to you? What helps you attempt to keep it together? Look around your living space...what you doing in your home on a day-to-day basis to get organized. Not feeling organized at all but you have some ideas and/or thoughts? Share those with your swap partner! After, put together a thoughtful package for your assigned swap partner chocked full of your wonderful ideas, tips, gadgets, etc. (this time around you'll be swapping with the same person sending to you).

If you want to participate keep reading...

1. Leave a comment or email me (see right column), either works to let me know you are interested in participating in the swap.

2. Once you're "in", I'll need some basic info from you including name, mailing address, interests, blog, website and a little background on yourself. Please include the top three areas in your life that need organizing and the areas in which you feel you have something to contribute. I will consider all this info when assigning you a swap partner.

3. So start gathering...isn't that what us women do best?! Spend about $30 (not including shipping please) to keep things balanced.

Please note the signup deadline is Wednesday, January 16 and the delivery deadline is Monday, January 28.

Tell your friends, family and fellow bloggers about this swap and let's get organized! I feel motivated already and cannot wait for everyone to share their secrets!

P.S. After completing this post I jumped onto one of my favorite blogs, Design Mom, to check out her daily dish. Lo and behold her giveaway today is all about being organized. See? It's on all our minds! If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this post and the included links. Have fun!


  1. Hi Steph - Would love to participate in the swap...

    Thx, Jenny

  2. sounds perfect! (THanks for adding me in your links, btw - you've made my day =)

  3. Yes I loved the last swap you had. Please count me in for this one!

  4. I missed your last swap - please count me in too for this one!


  5. Sign me up! I love to see how other people organize their lives.

  6. Oh bummer. Does that mean if I sign up, I can't use Lobotome products (my favorite of all things organization!)??

  7. I'd love to be in on the swap!! I'm in organizing mode right now ;)

  8. I'm in! What a fab idea!

  9. Hi! I would love to be a part of this, I am always trying to be more organized!

  10. Thanks for emailing me the info. Count me in....I'm an organization junkie.

  11. I loved the last swap I did here. Count me in on this one too.

  12. oh that sounds so fun. i wish i had more time this month to do it.
    i love your blog btw.!!

  13. I want in! {I think I already sent you an email, but I want to make double sure I'm in}.


Thanks so much for taking the time to drop a line. I really appreciate it!

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