Love this Baby Girl

• 25 January 2008

Occupation: Mommy's #1 Fan

Abilities: Unload the contents of Mom's sock and lingerie drawers; sweep all books off every lower shelf of every bookcase in the home; smile, laugh and tease everyone in sight but only from the safety of Mom's arms; rip pages of every publication left on the floor; throw body against shower door in hopes Mom will get out earlier and hold me; eat, drink and be merry; laugh and giggle constantly; entertain family; scream loudly at any potential babysitter.

Favorite (and only) Words: "mama", "papa", "uh-oh"

Favorite Foods: anything bread related, Brown Cow Cream Top organic yogurt and pureed sweet potatoes

Daddy Loves: observing her blossoming sense of humor

Mommy Loves: listening to heavy baby breathing in her ear


lynne said...

she is so sweet!!

can relate to the shower door thing...

LobotoME said...

what a cutie!

J :)

ps - love your revised resolutions!

robin said...

She is precious. And I consider myself very lucky to have been able to hold her for 5 minutes without her screaming! So Great to see you guys. We LOVE your family!

melissa said...

She is so adorable! And I LOVE the black and white photo of you and your girl on the top side of the blog.

jerin said...

Very cute post. What an angel!

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