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Rendevous a Paris Si'l Vous Plait

• 27 January 2008

Romance is in the air. Literally. Multiple airlines are boasting European specials through March (including Valentine's Day!). This has me thinking of going myself...I mean with the husband. Wouldn't it be dreamy? (so Back to the Future of me to say that I know). It would be a different experience if an apartment in a residential neighborhood were the choice of lodging than say the JW Marriott on Champs Elysses. A petit chateau (do they come in "petit" I wonder?) in Provence wouldn't be too shabby either :)

Here are some great sites for booking your next furnished apartment or chateau in France. I gleaned these from the actual (not online) classifieds section of a major French newspaper in hopes they would be less touristy than other sites you might find. They are all fantastic sites and all worth perusing.

Option 1, click here. Option 2, click here. Option 3, click here. Option 4, click here.

One more thing, if you are heading to France with your kiddies in tow, click here to read this wonderful article in Cookie about managing Paris with kids. I'm bookmarking this one for sure! The pictures included in the magazine article are delectable but the online article is sans photos so if you see a Cookie mag at a market near you, pick one up and glance at the lovely photographs of children playing in Paris. So lovely!

Note: Cookie just informed me that there are in fact pictures from the spread online. View them here.


  1. We would LOVE a trip to France if we could tag along with you guys. Last time, our experience was too "touristy" and not that enjoyable, unfortunately. Of course, it would probably be far from romantic for you guys if we were tagging along. :D

  2. option 4 looks quite lovely...My trip to France included my parents, my 2 sibs and their spouses (I was still single) and they, too were more into the tour-bus stuff while I longed to wander aimlessly down hidden streets and through country villages...someday I'll talk the hubby into a trip to France. His one mandate: it must include a visit to Normandy.

  3. We have taken our kiddos to Paris the last two Autumns. If people say that kids will not get anything out of a trip like that, they are wrong! My kids talk about it everyday.


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