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• 05 January 2008

I love this terrarium I bought on sale at Pottery Barn last year. Even though they don't carry them in the store anymore, you could use any glass vessel with an opening on top. Per Carey's request I did not show dirt this time :)

How to do it:

1. Chose three small plants (or however many fit nicely in your glass vessel) that enjoy a little humidity and in this case low light (my dining room isn't the brightest room in the house).

2. Placed the three plants close together inside the terrarium leaving a one inch space between the dirt and the exterior.

3. Carefully placed polished pebbles around the edge, filling in all available space.

It's so easy to do. The most difficult part of this project is finding the perfect glass container. But once you have that down, you can reuse the terrarium season after season and do something different each time.

If you want to make a terrarium for your kids' rooms, click here to read this fabulous post over at Cookie Mag's website. When my kids are a little older this will be a fun project. I can't imagine what L. would do with a little dirt and a considerable amount of rocks in his room. A scary thought indeed.

Note: Even though the website and the current catalogs do not offer this for sale, it does not mean they don't have a couple on hand at the warehouse. Call the catalog phone number and ask them if they have any "glass terrariums" left. Regular price was $66 approximately and I purchased it on sale for $34.99. Hope that helps! You might be able to find it even cheaper...who knows?!


  1. Thanks for the reminder. We had a cool terrarium when I was in HS and I would love to do one for our home. I will keep my eyes open for a great vessel. They are so "70's" to me, I loved the 70's!!!

  2. how do you keep yours looking so immaculate? It's lovely, and I definitely need some "alive" in my house since everything outside is dead and frozen.

  3. I like it - it looks great! :) I didn't get one thing - how do you leave space between the dirt and the glass? Is the dirt in its own container?

  4. KJ / Kimberly, once you get it in place, it stays in place. There is no maintenance really in "keeping it immaculate". I hear ya on the dead and frozen thing. It's the same here. I love a touch of green everywhere I can place it. Having a bit of outdoors indoors really makes a difference in the overall feel of a space.


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