stephmodo: Easy Tips on Becoming More "Green"

Easy Tips on Becoming More "Green"

• 26 February 2008

Props to you if you do make your own compost, subscribe to a disposable diaper service, and always remember to turn off the water whilst you brush your teeth. Good girl.

But, if these things don't make their way to your daily docket, take a look at these easy tips aimed at helping us all be a little bit more "green" (without even thinking about it!). I promise you won't feel like you have to be a bazillionaire to follow through and you won't feel exhausted, like I did after reading the recent issue of Domino. Baby steps my friend.

1. Give your magazines away each month to a friend.

Many years ago, my friend Holly gave me her "last-month" magazines and it was such a treat. Do the same for a friend of your own. When she's done, she can either put them in her blue recycling bin or continue the cycle of giving.

Check out what you can and cannot recycle before tossing into the bin.

Locally, here in Salt Lake, you can read what to not recycle here. I learned a few things myself. Oops.

3. Use what you have. If you are not using it then sell it or give it away...don't throw it out with the trash.

Lately I've experienced an urge to get out my paper supplies and start creating stationery again. My mind begins wandering to all the fun products out there I could buy to enhance my stationery. Then I quickly remind myself that I have an entire closet full of already-amazing accoutrements--there is no need to buy more. What I really need to do is use what I already have first. So that's what I am going to do.

As many of you know we are trying to redo our bedroom and sold all extraneous furniture on Craigslist. True, we could've put it in the basement to collect dust, thrown it out in the trash, or driven it to a large dumpster for disposal. Some of it probably was worthy of such an end. But, that would've been wasteful. Why not recycle it by selling it to someone who would use it? or give it to a friend who would use it? Although not traditional recycling, it's recycling at its best in my opinion; not to mention it's fun, and resourceful, and a good way!

4. Host a swap

Any kind of swap will do--a clothing swap, a home decor swap, a jewelry swap, an organization idea swap, etc. The women's organization in my local church congregation is hosting a "Home Decor Swap" this week.. Everyone is supposed to bring their no-longer-needed home decor items to share. I can't wait to bring over my box to pass around.

5. Join a local CSA

This is probably the fourth time you've heard me talk about CSA's on this blog but what can I say, I'm a big fan. A great way to be more "green" is to support a local, organic farm. This is easy and cost-effective here in Utah. So go for it! Click here to join.


  1. such wonderful and simple ideas...I love it!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I love that you give tips to make our environment better for everyone! Thanks!

  3. I like the tips. I'm totally in agreement with all of this. It helps to spread the word too!

  4. Hi Stephanie, it's Michelle from San Francisco. How are you? I love reading your blog, and I love your recs for places to eat in SF, it's always fun to know what other locals like.
    I will never forget how on our first night in SF (almost 5 years ago!) you invited us to your house for your dinner party. You are so kind...

  5. Organic farms are actually not expensive to join - there are some great ones here in manhattan and they force you to vary your fruits and vegetables. I love trying to be more green - thanks for the tips!

  6. Thanks for putting together such a great list - very manageable for those wishing to make small changes.

  7. It is always better to get awareness about pollution, and prevention. It's nice to see that google has taken the initiative to advertise about it. How ever Recycling Tips will help in reducing plastic garbage apart from awareness.


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