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a Good Week

• 28 March 2008

This morning I feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my little family. Perhaps I feel this way because it has been what I'd call a "good week". The kids behaved well, the Husband was especially sweet, I accomplished many things, and the abundance of patience I've been praying for nightly decided to finally show up Tuesday morning. All in all, a good week!

Here is a fun image, post-Easter Egg Hunt in the desert :)


  1. There is nothing better than a good week - and it is hard to accomplish that with a busy family.

    Looks like your easter trip was fun - it looks so sunny and beautiful in southern UT. I am looking forward to trying your lemonade recipe. Thanks for always sharing inspiring things!

  2. I love that you used Target bags for Easter baskets. It makes me feel a little better since mine were from Trader Joe's.

  3. Allison--you win some and you lose some. I lost this one :) TOTALLY forgot the Easter baskets so my kids did yes...use Target bags :) All the other cousins had cute baskets but oh well! That's the way it goes sometimes :)

  4. Looks like they love each other. How sweet! Love your latest lovelies in your blog!

  5. It's nice to see you so happy. Beautiful pic!

  6. Wonderful children making priceless memories!

    It was great camping with you and it is a good thing E had her "pincher fingers" to get L's cactus spines out.


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