Happy Monday

• 10 March 2008

Ever been in a funk for whatever reason until someone did something REALLY nice for you? Well, I was feeling down about some things on Sunday and went to bed feeling a bit grumpy. I woke up Monday morning to the Husband and kiddos walking into the bedroom singing "Happy Happy Monday to You" (to the tune of Happy Birthday) with homemade pancakes*, yummy yogurt and grapefruit cut all fancy. I was taken aback (of course) and totally thrilled at all the smiling faces singing so brightly. What an excellent beginning to my work week!

While on the subject of pancakes, here is my favorite specialty pancake recipe and here is my favorite basic pancake recipe. Yum! If you want to save time, while you are compiling the dry ingredients grab a few ziplocs and make a few batches at once. That way you'll have something yummy to eat on those mornings the kids get up toooo early.

*Note: this was the Husband's first attempt at homemade pancakes and they were delicious.


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