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Mint Lemonade

• 26 March 2008

I came home to a bowl of perfectly ripe lemons and decided to make some lemonade--one of my all-time favorite beverages. I bought some mid-size mason jars and did the whole decorate-the-mason-jar-lid thing again. This mini-DIY is definitely worth the five minutes it takes and is an efficient way of using up paper scraps too. Most importantly, it transforms a mason jar into something more pretty and personalized.

I started with this recipe but modified it along the way to taste. In the end I added lemon slices and fresh mint leaves to enhance the flavor a bit. This recipe is also good, if you like rosemary, but I'll use less sugar next time. I like it more tart and tangy :)


  1. you are so cool =) i love your blog! i'm so going to make this.

  2. In Israel, there is a popular drink called "Limonana" which is the word lemon "limon" and mint "nana" put together. I like to crush ice and fresh mint leaves in the blender and pour the lemonade over it . Ahh...that's the taste of summer!

  3. That looks so delicious. I love anything lemony and minty. The combination of the two must be divine!


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