stephmodo: No-Sew Monograms

No-Sew Monograms

• 19 March 2008

This is right up my alley since I am (unfortunately) a total non-sewer and I love the look of monograms. If you wanted to make the project even more simple, perhaps use something similar to puffy paint (but not so puffy) in lieu of the cording? Do any of you more experienced "craftsters" have any other suggestions?

Click here for the tutorial.


  1. I actually think puff paint would be quite a bit more difficult to master for this project. Because it has such a long drying time and if you don't make the lines of paint exactly the same size (meaning, oops, i squeezed too hard right there or there or there) then the overall look will be a bit wonky.

    There's a fabric glue called Fabri-Tac that you can use. It's about $7 for a 12 ounce-ish or so bottle but it dries quickly and things bond permanently. Items can be washed after 24 hours of drying with that glue.


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