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Wood Floor Cleaner

• 24 March 2008

As we unload our camping gear (what a dirty bunch we are!) from the garage to the rest of the house, I am noticing how dirty (and sticky) my wood floors appear to be. Time to break out this bit o' lusciousness--Method's almond floor cleaner. Your floors will smell soooo delicious after using this cleaner you may even find yourself actually looking forward to spiffing up those beautiful wood floors. Fellow Method fans, back me up here :)

P.S. Although the directions call for squirting the cleaner directly on the floor, I find this sometimes to be sticky. I find more success when I squirt it directly onto a wet mop.


  1. Steph - I've been hearing all about this floor cleaner but I cannot stand almond-scented anything. Any other ideas?

  2. Lisa, perhaps Ms. Meyers makes a wood floor cleaner? People rave about those cleaning products as well. I've tried one, after a friend gifted me, and enjoyed it. So check out Ms. Meyers and perhaps you'll find something you love!

  3. LOVE method.
    i think of reasons why i need to clean my counter with the lavender spray, even when i don't need to.
    i've been wanting to try the wood floor cleaner. i'll have to get some.

  4. Good to know. I have yet to find anything I'm in love with to use on my wood floors. Thanks.


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