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Are we Ready?

• 03 April 2008

On a radio talk-show last week I heard the host ask the audience, "Are we ready for a black president?" and "Are we ready for a female president?". Hmmm...I wish we didn't need to ask to ask those types of questions. I don't care if my president is African-American, a woman or LDS (a.k.a. Mormon) These descriptives should not matter or cause us to weigh our vote one way or another. Voting for a presidential (or any for that matter) candidate should be based on his or her values, ideas, agendas, and most importantly, character. Perhaps this is idyllic to think in such a way but it would be oh-so-nice if we didn't obsess over a candidate's skin color, sex or faith.


  1. we shouldn't have to ask those questions for any position, really. We shouldn't need special rights, or separatist rights for any of these kinds of issues. UNITED States of America. Doesn't that mean united citizens, too?

  2. agreed. Totally. Unless that candidate is promoting their race over another's. Our candidates need to care about the interests of all races not just their own. If people are voting for Hillary because they think she will put women's needs over men's then that is wrong. Same goes for Obama. Our presidential candidates speak for every person in the US. I just hope people see that.

  3. Thanks for saying this! I totally agree also!!!

  4. I agree.

    The fact that we had a Mormon, black man, and woman make it so far in the race is a good sign. I believe we are light years ahead of much of the rest of the world, but there is still improvement to be made.

    I'd say the only way we won't have some kind of a "first" for president is if Hill and Bama ruin it for the Dems, sort of like Kerry did 4 years ago.


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