stephmodo: Denyse Schmidt Quilt

Denyse Schmidt Quilt

• 19 April 2008

I've never thought of myself as a quilt-kind-of-gal but for sometime now Denyse Schmidt designs have been changing my mind. Typically her quilts are pricey but she does offer a lower-priced line here too. I love this quilt picked up by Sundance recently. It looks cozy but could very easily be modernized too in a different setting. I'm thinking it would be perfect thrown across my couch. Maybe it'll go on sale? {wishful thinking I know}


  1. I think her quilts are stunning...I covet them openly! Loving that they aren't super traditional, but still look inviting.

  2. Love love love Denise Schmidt - I experience major quilt envy when I see her work.

    Don't worry though - with your luck you'll pick up her quilt for a fraction of the price at an outlet, lol.


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