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Guest Blogger {the Husband}: Gourmet Cheese

• 08 April 2008

Cheese is my weakness...and now that our local Harmons offers a cheese selection rivaling Liberty Heights Fresh, it’s even more difficult to resist. I use every excuse I can come up with to splurge on a gourmet cheese as often as possible. Here is a selection of some our favorite “crowd pleaser” cheeses that will do wonders for even the most novice of palettes:

Tomme de Levezou, France - A nice nutty semi-hard cheese that at or near the top of the list for me. (I don’t eat the crust on any “Tomme” style cheeses)

Saint-André, France – Even if you’re not into Brie, this soft, triple... That’s right TRIPLE cream brie will knock your socks off with it’s delectable creaminess, perfect with a baguette!

Sally Jackson, Washington, USA – Another favorite! Wrapped in large Chestnut leaves while aged, this cheese made with goats, sheep's and cows milk has a tangy, yet nutty flavor that is sure to please!

Tomme de Savoie, France – Another fabulous Tomme, but a little softer, slightly earthy, but still mild enough to please most, if not all, cheese detesters

Cave Aged Gruyere, Switzerland – Texture that keeps you coming back for more! While used in cooking, I love this cheese straight or with apple slices!

St. Pat – Marin County, USA - A springtime cheese from California. Made with whole organic milk and wrapped with stinging nettle leaves. Don’t worry the nettle leaves are washed and then frozen to remove the sting before they are wrapped around the cheese. A great smoky, artichoke flavor in this soft round cheese! (Liberty Heights)


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