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On Being a Mom

• 23 April 2008

Awhile back my friend Holly emailed me this essay by Anna Quindlen, an author and columnist in Oprah magazine. Her essay speaks to me so much at this stage in life and is yet another reminder to enjoy my small children while they are...well, small! Granted, it is difficult to mother three little kids, (I'll never deny it); but, it is also so much fun. I already see the time passing too quickly. My new goal is to enjoy this stage of my life (and their lives) more and not wish it away for a moment. Not a single moment.

Today this mantra came back to me when my son said to me, "thank you mommy for sharing your car with me". Later in the day, "thank you for sharing your house with me". I have to relish these moments because someday they may wish we'd never shared a house at all! (I'm so not looking forward to teenagers!) Thank heavens I have a good chunk of time left before that stage. Until then, here's to goldfish crackers, pants on backwards, and reading the Saggy Baggy Elephant a hundred times a week.

You can read Anna Quindlen's full essay here.

photo taken last week while my two oldest danced to Earth, Wind & Fire's "September"


  1. So true!! I tell myself all the time to pay attention to the children now instead of thinking about what's coming next all the time. I tried to catch up on previous posts... love your mudroom! The tablecloth info is great... I've always wanted to know how to do that. Love the applique shirt too. You always post the most interesting finds!

  2. I love that L likes to wear his pants backwards so he can utilize those great pockets!!! I love that kid.

  3. What a beautiful essay! Definitely worth sharing. Is this from SF Holly? It certainly helps us focus on what is important. Thanks, Steph.

  4. Sarah, it is from "SF Holly" :) She often has wonderful insight to share.

  5. Stephanie, I absolutely adore your blog and all of the inspiring posts you manage to share.

    I have saved a few of Anna Quindlen's essay's on my computer, but this one is my favorite. Thanks for reminding me about her wonderful wisdom.

  6. Thank you for sharing this post. It is SO true. I feel like my kids are growing up so fast - next year I will have three in school/preschool (and hopefully another one) and I feel like my carefree days running around NYC with the kids are winding down - all the lazy mornings in the park, trips to museums, etc...

    My kids are super active and they make the hugest messes and say the most hilarious things and I will miss all those naughty moments too!

    p.s. Your kids are soo adorable!!

  7. Thank you for sharing that! I can't believe how quickly time flies with children!

    Have a great day!

    J :)


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