Organizing Tip #9

• 01 April 2008

Sort mail immediately...preferably over the trash :)

After the Husband brings in the mail with the kiddos, we plop it down on the counter next to the trash/recycling bins and start going through the monstrous pile of (mostly) junk. I shred junk mail and unwanted catalogs and toss both into the recycling bin (writing this reminds me I need to go to this website and cancel certain unwanted catalogs). Anyway, keep only the mail that is personal (yeah!), catalogs and magazines you'll actually take the time to peruse, or important stuff like bills (yuck). The key is doing this each day so you are not junking up your living space with unnecessary clutter. It only takes about 3 minutes so it is certainly manageable.

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#1 Make your bed each day
#2 Clean out your closet (take out everything not worn in past 12 months)
#3 Clear off kitchen counter tops (remove anything you don't use 2x weekly)
#4 Clean out your car
#5 Unclutter your mind--start writing thoughts down right away to relieve stress
Find ways to organize in one minute or less (purse, drawer, etc.)
Place a pretty dish on dresser tops and nightstands to collect jewelry, loose change, and pocket paraphernalia.
#8 Gather up recipes and clipped magazine pages and throw them all into one accessible binder for easy meal-organizing.


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