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Paint Swatches

• 03 April 2008

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I had a color swatch of that wall color in Billy's bedroom so I know if this bedding would match"? or at least something similar? (I don't have a son named Billy either but you get the idea!)

The other evening I ran to Homegoods to investigate if there were any new shipments on pillows since my previous visit. I found a red pillow I liked but I spent a good ten minutes pondering if the red was (in fact) the same red on my dining room accent wall. Now, if I had a little 1x2 inch paint swatch in my wallet, I would've saved myself some time and some brain cells too :)

I decided to pay a visit to Restoration Hardware and Benjamin Moore for the express purpose of picking up swatches of my wall colors. Putting them all together in a clip made me realize I should try to harmonize my walls better next time around :) Anyway, this little grouping is now in my wallet so I never have to wonder again if that truly is the perfect shade of green.


  1. I have done that ever since I have decorated this house! I can't tell you how many times it has come in handy and stopped me from buying something that I thought was the right shade of blue or green or what have you! I think your colors look great together!

  2. Great idea. Marks sister built her home years ago and when she was here this summer she pulled out her wall color from a swatch. You just never know when you might see something you want to buy for your home.

  3. Brilliant you are! Another good reason you are brilliant is if you every need touch up paint you won't have to cut up your wall (like we did last week). :)

  4. Such a great idea! And I am just about to start painting the walls, so it's perfect timing for me!


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