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Dream Office

• 08 April 2008

This is pretty close to my dream office. But then again, what would I do in that office? I'm not a hip graphic designer who works from home (I wish), I can't cook in an office, I can't change diapers there and I certainly don't want to give "time outs" in there (oh the damage that could be done...). I guess I could blog in my dream office but I fear sitting down for just five minutes in front of that beautiful wall of inspiration would cause me to spend an exorbitant amount of time in front of the computer...and I can't handle that kind of temptation :)

Till them I'll just dream...


  1. funny there's not a computer in the image. You could just have a little inspiration nook where you pay bills, write notes, organize your design notebook or recipe book. Use it as a project place and love every minute of it! So cheerful!

  2. I agree with kj... everyone needs a bill paying area and as your kids get older, "organization central"!! With all the things my kids do (and they don't do that much) papers come home all the time! Or maybe you'll end up starting your own online zine... you practically have one now! ;)


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