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White Dishes

• 17 April 2008

What is in your cupboard? 6 salad plates? 2 dinner plates? 1 bowl? 2 mugs?

Well, that is what I used to have in mine after nine moves...and more than a few broken dishes :)

I found these simple and sturdy white porcelain dishes at Target and words cannot express how much I love them--really I do. There is something about white dinnerware that makes food look that much more enticing. I thought it would be nice to have matching dishes so I sold any random pieces of Williams Sonoma Basic White I had left in my cupboards (read above) on Ebay and put the proceeds towards these babies. They are very well-priced (cheaper than similar versions at IKEA) and of great quality (so far).

You can find them in stores but if you want to buy more than a few sets, buy them online here.


  1. I couldn't agree more! I love my white dishes from Pottery Barn.

  2. I have white square plates that I bought years ago on sale at Macy's. I lOVE them. They make you feel like you are eating at a restaurant every night (and they match every occasion)!!

  3. I bought six small white bowls from Ikea awhile back. Love them, the shape, the size...and then one broke. And do they have them anymore??? sadly, no.

    Have you been into Relics (holladay blvd)? They always have very cool white serving pieces of all shapes and sizes. Great prices too.

  4. Laurie, I've been there and done that. Since the prices were so amazing at Target and the dishes are of such high quality, I invested in 15 place settings :) I plan on having these for a looooong time.

  5. P.S. Thanks for the tips on Relics. It's been awhile since I've been in there so now I have a reason to stop by!


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