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• 30 May 2008

Not nearly as prepared for our return trip home, we decided to break up the trip into two segments. To manage a 13 hour drive with 3 kids requires advanced planning, none of which we did. The allure of fun activities in Seattle trumped any thoughts about planning for the long ride home. We paid for it yesterday...yes we did.

Last night at the hotel the Husband attempted to coax our fiery redhead to sleep...unsuccessfully. This is what I heard while getting the other two kids settled:

The Husband: "Night Night."

Redhead (feeling social despite the late hour): "Hi."

The Husband: "Night Night."

Redhead: "Hi."

The Husband (become exasperated): "Night Night!"

Redhead: "Hi!!!"

...and so the evening went :)


  1. beautiful...don't ya just love it when that happens...

  2. I am cracking up because YOU were EXACTLY THE SAME! ;-) You just wanted to stay up and socialize or play! I guess she comes by it naturally! Hopefully no more car mishaps on the way home. Can't wait to see the little redhead myself! Love, MOM


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